Friday, February 25, 2011

Snowstorm Coziness

Buddha is even zen when he's covered in snow
Well, the LA basin might get snow.  Seriously, the Hollywood Sign might get a little dusting.  Snow hasn't accumulated in LA since 1949.  It's pretty exciting stuff.  The news crews are having a field day with it - they hear Fritz at NBC 4 say that snow is coming, and they immediately get tingles.

Up here in the mountains we're expecting two feet or so, and blizzard conditions with winds up to 90mph.  It started snowing about 4 hours ago, and has already dropped several inches.  Right now we're just getting out all the emergency stuff in case the electricity goes out, charging phones and cameras for the same reason, and making sure we have enough firewood in the house drying out to keep a fire going for several days, just in case the heat goes out.  It's all pretty exciting.  J is more worried than excited, but I'm not.  I'm just getting cozy with my hot chocolate, my cats, and my book, and am glad that there's nowhere I absolutely have to be until Tuesday.  Time for some serious hunkering down and coziness.

Stay warm, everybody!

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