Saturday, February 12, 2011

A post including Rugby, Marijuana, and Funny Local News

J and I are both suffering with the flu, so I don't have much to say at the moment.
But this is my new favorite video.

With the whole being sick thing, time is going by really, really, slow.

I am seriously never going to get sick of that.

In other news, it appears to be rugby season. The Six Nations tournament(?) is on BBC America, and I saw Scotland get their butts whooped by Wales today. I really don't get rugby. I don't understand the rules. I don't understand the scrum. I just don't get it. And this is coming from someone who understands the rules of cricket.

From what I can make out, rugby appears to be a mashup of other sports, including wrestling, football, and cheerleading. All done without helmets or pads. I don't have to understand the rules to know that I would not want to be on the bottom of the pile of those guys. Seriously, they feel no pain. Half the players were bleeding at the end of the match today and didn't even seem to notice.

By way of example, I searched in google images for "tough Rugby player" and one of the first results is:

Compare to the same search, but insert "football" for "rugby".  One of the top results is:

So, yeah, based on my unscientific google-imaging, I'm going with the rugby players as the craziest nutjobs in the sporting world.

Peace out, people.  I'm going back to snotting all over my hubby now.  We so have this romance thing down.  

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