Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I'm Giving to the Thrift Store: Target Bag Edition

Bag available at the thrift store.  Cat napping on the bed.

This week, I'm getting rid of this lavender Mossimo tote from Target.  Here's the story on it:

I bought it in January 2005 in Nashvegas at the Target in Franklin.  There was another Target north of me, close to where I bought my Aveo, but I didn't like that one as much.  So this came from Franklin.  I remember it was dreary and cold, and I thought the lavender would cheer me up.  I used it right away as a laptop bag at ALA Midwinter, which was in Boston that year (incidentally, it was in Boston last year, too, but I didn't use this bag then).  

On the same shopping trip when I got this bag, I used a bookstore gift card that my boyfriend at the time had given me for Christmas.  You know a guy's not going to work out when he gives you a gift card for Christmas.  I mean, I'm all for gift cards.  And Lord knows, I enjoy shopping, so gift cards are usually good.  But from a boyfriend?  On your first Christmas together?  Does anything scream "I didn't really take the time to think about what you might like on this, our first major holiday together, and plus I was kind of in a hurry and you're not worth spending more than five minutes gift shopping for," more than a gift card? 

I actually really like this bag.  It's a perfect size.  It has lots of pockets.  It's a springtime color that you don't see that often.  It popped when I wore it with all black.  

But, you see, the reason I haven't used this bag in over five years is:  In 2006, I found a black widow spider living in it.  

Oh man, I screamed.  J took it outside and took care of it, and he said he'd never seen such a big spider.  To this day, I'm afraid that I might open some pocket, and a fang-toothed hairy eight-legged spider is going to jump out and poison me with her venom.  

Like that bag is extra attractive to spiders or something.  I don't know.  

Anyway, I just can't bring myself to use it anymore.  It's been hanging on my wall for years, with me thinking I might get over my arachnid fear someday and wear it, but it's not gonna happen.  I just can't reach into it for anything without getting freaked out anymore.

Since I had to dig through an old hard drive to find this picture, I found some other ones of Little Wrigley when she was a Baby.

So for the second day in a row:  Cute Cat Pictures.   Awwwwwwww.  They were scanned from 'real' pictures...'member them?  You had to take film to get developed?  What a hassle!  They aren't good quality, but looking at these reminds me why I still clean up her poop.

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