Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving, snow days, and google wave

So I got a google wave account today. Is google taking over the world? I mean, really. Google owns blogger, youtube, voice, wave - they probably own my house and I don't even know it.

I was supposed to be down in newport beach today, but we had snow, and I couldn't get out. So we had a Snow Day which included much sledding, writing, bubblebaths, reading of Vanity Fair, napping, and watching The Princess Bride. I'm about to hit the elliptical and then keep writing for National Novel Writing Month. I'm out to do the impossible - write 30,000 words in 3 days. Crazy.

I made a giant turkey for Thanksgiving, so we'll be having turkey sandwiches for about a year or so. Fun. Between the turkey, snow, sledding, and naps, life is GOOOOOD.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Good Monday Mornings

Man, I love it when Monday's just flow and I get in the zen of stuff. What I've managed to do so far:

-Work out on the Elliptical while watching The Office on hulu.
-Get pumped up with a homemade iced mocha and trance music
-Do some serious work (yay!)
-Order firewood for the winter
-have morning snuggles with cats and hubby
-and am now getting caught up on podcasts.

Gotta go to Irvine tonight - late night...sigh. Need to spend my lunch hour writing 3500 words to stay on track with NaNoWriMo.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

weird stuff

I was watching football today and suddenly one of those freaky cartoon Charles Schwab commercials comes on TV, right? And who is it, but my old coworker Lee Shephard. All cartoony. And freaky. Talking about investing and savings and how he's going to need this money pretty soon, and can't afford a mistake. Followed by the "Talk to Chuck" slogan. Too weird.

Other than that, I'm puttering around writing my book, avoiding the fact that Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away, and November is going too quickly. I sure love November. It's my favoritest month. I wrote 3500 words today. Good day word-wise. Feels like I've earned my tv-time now.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


It's been a busy week. I slept nine hours last night, and man, did I need it. Here's how the week went...

Friday, 10/30: J started his Landmark Forum, and I drove to Pasadena to set up the CLA booth. CLA started from 4-7pm and I drove home in Friday night traffic. Got home at about 9:30. J called at 10:30, all excited from his first day, so we talked until 1am.

Saturday 10/31: I went to Pasadena to get to the booth by noon-ish (left around 10:30). Booth time, then meetings until about 6. Came home, felt lazy and not like cooking at all, so had grilled chicken from KFC. J called at 11 or so, and we talked until 2, which was really 1 since the clocks went back.

Sunday 11/1: Went to the booth by 10. Stayed until 3 when CLA was over. Went to the Glendale Galleria to shoot the breeze until 6ish when I headed over to LAX to be with J as he finished his Landmark Forum. Was there until 10, then came home and J was, of course, totally excited about life, and we were up until about 1:30 talking.

Monday 11/2: Woke up and went to MCLS early. Came home and actually had an evening at home, but J was still in talky mood, so we were up until pretty late, despite my best efforts.

Tuesday 11/3: Worked at home but went to J's Tuesday Evening session with guests. Got home at 2am - ate at In-n-Out after the evening session was over.

Wednesday 11/4: Worked at home but went to my agreement in the evening. Got home at 1am.
Thursday 11/5: Went to MCLS, and nearly passed out in the grocery store on the way home.

Friday 11/6: Worked at home, but went to ILP Classroom in the evening. Got home at 1.

LONG WEEK. I was so desperate for the long sleep that I got last night and this morning. Life is so much better after you sleep. I've also been slightly freaked out all week by J since he's on fire from doing the Landmark Forum. He's got so much energy and has so many amazing goals and plans now - I keep wondering what happened to my husband!

Today J's friends came over - they have a six month old, and I'm having fun with her. It's kind of freaking me out about having our own. It sure does require a lot of energy.

Anyway, that's it for now. I started my novel this weekend for National Novel Writing Month and am up to about 10,000 words. Nice to be back on schedule.