Thursday, December 16, 2010

So the book update for today is that I'm at 7035 words.  Yay for doing nanowrimo my way.

I'm doing a cheap-experiment tonight.  I am completely in love with peppermint mochas, but I'm convinced that I can make peppermint syrup at home, and save the $5.  So I googled "How to make peppermint syrup for coffee drinks" and found a Holy Grail website - not just peppermint syrup, but also pumpkin spice syrup.  Man, I'll be able to replicate my favorite drink in the world right now - the pumpkin hot chocolate from Sonic.  I'm so stoked.  In fact, I'm going out to the stove right now...

I shall report back if it's a success.

On a side note, I put on my Norah Jones Pandora station tonight, and feel very much like I'm in a Dido video - everything's in soft focus, and I'm moving more slowly and looking pensive all the time.  I think that what would make my life more interesting would be if I had a personal soundtrack to go along with everything I do.  That way when I'm just sitting on the couch reading Vanity Fair, I could put on the "At Home Reading in PJ's at 3pm" music, and suddenly, rather than just me being lazy on the couch, it would turn into something that's worthy of a reality tv show. Just thinking, that's all.

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