Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My new hobby: Laughing at Local News

I'm going to start a weekly (or maybe more) posting on Funny Local News.  Because there ain't nothing funnier than Local News.  This inaugural posting will feature the inestimable Donald Robinson, reporting on Black Friday Sales at WFRV in beautiful (I'm sure) Fox Valley, Wisconsin.  The funniest part of this story isn't the listing of mall stores (stores like The Gap, and American Eagle, complete with shots of their logos), or the mall manager talking seriously about a "soft opening" at midnight (oh, the significance!).  The funniest part is when Stephanie from Maurice's talks about the fleece's being on sale.  Oh man, I gotta get me down to Maurice's to get some cheep fleece!

Side note:  I feel bad for poor Dee Thetford's husband.  What short straw did he pick so that he gets to go out at 5am on Black Friday in the Wisconsin cold, and she gets to stay home and warm?

Gale Lemke is right: it is all just too crazy.  Stay in Chilton, my friend.

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