Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Date Nights, Product Placement, and The Sing Off making everything better

Is it just me, or is the new ke$sha video trying to take product placement to a whole new level, but failing miserably since Gaga already did it?  Like the featuring of PlentyofFish.com - they paid to be part of  Gaga's Telephone video, and now they're on ke$ha's video?  Is she trying to be ironic?  Or is the entire marketing strategy of PlentyofFish.com based off of paying to be featured in music videos?  Either way, I just don't get it.

So we had a Date Night up on our mountain over the weekend.  I honestly didn't know there was so much for non-outdoorsy people to do up here.  Seriously, we amused ourselves for six whole hours, and none of it involved fishing or camping.  First off, we went bowling.  I still bowl like I did when I was 8 - two handed.  I still managed to get a strike, and a spare, and only got three gutter balls in as many games.  The manager guy was seriously having a hard time with me bowling like that.  He kept trying to give me lighter balls.  "It's not the weight.   It's that I don't like bowling the way the other people do.  I'm happy bowling like this."

Then he tries to give me this metal sloping contraption, kind of like training wheels, that you put the ball on top of, aim, and then release the ball.  The five year olds were using it.  "No," I insisted, "I'm happy being a sucky bowler."  Was it hurting him that I bowl like that?  I think it was really tough for him to just sit back and let me do my thing.

It's something I struggle with a lot, too, so I could relate. "No, there's an easier way... why won't you let me show you the easier way... why are you doing it wrong when I can show you the easier way..."  But it was a lesson in letting people do things the way they want, whether there's an easier way or not.  I'm happy bowling an 89, so let me go bowl an 89 and leave me alone, ok?  They do Glow Bowling on Saturday nights.  $20 for unlimited bowling for 4 hours, plus shoes, 2 slices of pizza, and unlimited soda.  Man, that is a deal and a half.

Anyway, after bowling, we decided to go see the new Harry Potter.  My mountain has a tiny little theater that's on the second, and top, floor of the building that also houses the school district headquarters.  It's a quaint spot.  We had an hour to wait though, so we went to lake arrowhead and ate thai food by the fireplace on the lake.  I can't think of many nicer ways to pass an hour than watching the sun go down on the water whilst nursing a root beer in front of a roaring fireplace.

So then we saw Harry Potter, which left me disappointed, only because now I'm going to have to wait however long to see the final one.  And J hasn't read the final two books, so he doesn't know what's going to happen, and he's still pretty much convinced that Snape is evil.  Grrrr....

And it's Tuesday, and Tuesdays still officially suck (8 weeks since the Horrible Day... I would have been 29 weeks pregnant tomorrow...sigh...).  But The Sing Off started, so that makes everything much more ok.  Yay for an entire show devoted to a capella music!

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