Sunday, December 12, 2010


This girl was my favorite - Amanda Sage - google her!
Thursday night we went to the monthly Artwalk in downtown LA.  It's a fun evening where all the galleries are open late, there's lots of kickass food trucks, and best of all, tons of street life.  I really miss street life living in the driving-metro-area-of-the-world.  One of my favorite things in London and NY was just to spend the evening wandering around, looking in shop windows, grabbing coffee, and watching life around me.  I really really miss that in LA.  It's just not the same.  Driving around just isn't the same as walking around.  So I like Artwalk because there's street life, and lots of people around.  Plus, it's Christmas time now, so LA tries to do snow and festiveness.

It looks like snow and you don't have to shovel.  Wheeee!
 It was kind of bittersweet Artwalking.  The last time I went on the Artwalk was in June, and I was already about a week pregnant, but didn't know it yet.  In fact, the frappuccino that I drank that night would cause me no end of grief when, five days later, I discovered I was pregnant and that caffeine was a no-no.  It wasn't until I saw the first ultrasound that I felt ok about that Artwalk Frappuccino.

It was nice to go back and walk around with hubby.  We had a good old fashioned date night.  We walked to Little Tokyo to eat, then stopped in a Japanese grocery store so he could buy seaweed (just to gross me out) and I could play with all the foreign toiletries, and buy lots of foreign gum.  I love me some foreign facewash and gum.  Of all the weird things I could collect, I pick facewash and gum.  It's so weird.

I have been really sad again lately, really missing being pregnant.  Tomorrow it will be 2 months since the Horrible Day.  I just keep replaying scenes from the day in my head - it's like it's on a continuous loop - and I can't get rid of it.  I try really hard not to think about it, but then trying not to think about something is pretty much the same thing as thinking about something, so it hasn't been working out that well.  I did treat myself to a new pair of sunglasses the other day - my old ones were resting on my cheeks and giving me these weird creases in my face all the time - so at least I have cool sunnies to hide behind when I'm crying in public.  Sigh...  I hope I get pregnant again soon.  It will be nice to have something else to think about besides how miserable I am.

Oh, and finally, a book update.  I'm now at just over 5800 words.  NaNoWriSixWeeks is coming along smoothly :)  I like my characters, I like my story, I like spending time with them, so that's all positive.  I'm struggling with their dialog, but that will come in later drafts.  Right now it's about getting words on the screen.  I'll be so stoked if I can do this, even though it wasn't in November, and it's six weeks rather than a month.

Crap.  I just now realized that one of the cats has figured out how to slide open my closet doors.   This is not a good development.  I need to get hooks or something.

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