Monday, December 27, 2010

Funny Local News: Holiday Spending Edition

Dude, Dave Dunn is working for me, live on the Plaza!  Poor Megan couldn't get anything for her dorm room.  And Banana Republic is still open!  Woot! I do love the Seamless Vinyl Siding ad, too. The guy sounds so convincing when he says to Call Now. Heck, I want to call him, and I don't even need any Seamless Vinyl Siding!

Utah shoppers are all a-twitter too! Apparently the Build-a-Bear's are on a rampage there, though. One lady was very excited to have escaped Build-a-Bear. And seriously, why not just go for it, right?

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Honestly, aren't the newscasters supposed to be telling you the news, and not encouraging the same consumerism that got the economy into such a mess? Last time I checked, the Christmas angels did not say unto the shepherds, "Go ye to Bethlehem, and then get ye to Macy's where ye can find sportswear ye probably don't need for 50% off, especially since ye just got a sh*tload of stuff ye probably also don't need the day before for Christmas."

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