Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If you want to blow your mind...

Then I highly recommend Journey to the Edge of the Universe, which we just finished watching.  So wrap your head around this - you know how when you look at a star, you're actually looking at the light from the star as it was when it left, however many lightyears ago?  Like the star that you're looking at might be dead by now, and we wouldn't know until the light from the explosion got to us?  (And on that topic, who discovered that the fuzz we see when we don't get reception on a tv set is actually leftover from the Big Bang?  Who put that together?  Actually, I know because it's covered in Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything.)   

But anyway, so this journeys out to the edge of the universe, which, since the universe is expanding outwards, is like going back through time to see the beginnings of everything, and also to see how our sun, and our solar system, galaxy, etc., will die eventually.  This show was like pot for your brain.  Oh, and black holes.  OMG they are a mind-f*ck.  They suck matter in, and keep shrinking at the same time so their density goes beserk.  Something the size of a grain of sand can weigh bilions of tons.  And Alec Baldwin narrated, which was kind of hard because I kept expecting him to have to talk to Lemon about his microwave oven programming, and whether Cabletown would buy NBC.

And in other science news, I just bought this shirt from, my new favorite online store.  No one seems to be as impressed with it as I am, but whatever. I like it.

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