Thursday, January 13, 2011

Will the real Mark Hoppus please stand up?

I had a bunch of things I wanted to do Artist's Way Artist Date, work on a new EnglandCast, write 3000 words in my book...but instead I'm ripping a pile of CD's that have been sitting on the shelf above my desk driving me crazy for approximately six weeks.

Sometimes you just have to have evenings where you take care of crap like that, so it frees you up to do your most creative work, with a clear space.  Right?  I think so.

Nerve just ranked every 30 Rock character from least-funny to funniest - hint: the top five funniest are on page 6, so you can skip ahead past Liz's ex-boyfriends if you don't care that much.  There are clips for each one, and it can easily provide a good 45 minutes of wasted time.

That just reminded me that if Google ever made my search history public, I'd be pretty embarrassed.  The stream-of-consciousness that led to this thought is that I totally have a crush on Cheyenne Jackson on 30 Rock, the guy who plays Danny, because he looks like Mark Hoppus.  So for fun I searched google images for "guys who look like Mark Hoppus".  Which led to some funny results:

The Real Mark Hoppus

The one guy has Mark Hoppus' hair, kind of...

I'm not sure which one is supposed to look like Mark Hoppus.  The guy is all blurry, so...

Also tonight, combining both 30 Rock and Baby News, Jane Krakowski is pregnant at 42.  Posh and Becks are pregnant again, too.  Man, I hope we catch some of this celebrity baby-dust that's floating around Southern California right now about now.


Rebecca said...

Read your blog often and am touched by your candor and openness. You're a gifted writer whose posts can make me laugh, cry (and make me google, too- The Ashes?!). Blessings and love to you and your husband- I am keeping you both in my prayers.

Heather T. said...

Thank you, Rebecca. I really appreciate the support and prayers! The Ashes reminds me of a funny story - there's this girl on twitter named Ashley who's twitter name is @theashes and everyone was posting about what was going on with the matches, and she finally tweeted "I am not a Cricket Match!" But she got so much attention because she didn't know anything about it, and Quantas Airlines offered to fly her to Australia for the final match, and Shane Warne, an Ozzie player, offered to personally teach her the rules. What a lucky twitter name!

Anyway, thank you again :)

Rebecca said...

Too funny! ((And what a lucky woman! Do you know if she took them up on their offer?? I'd be there in a heartbeat!))

Have a great week! -R