Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Funny Local News: Resolution Edition

I like this clip from Denver's Fox 31 because:

1.  Olivia Newton John
2.  All the shots of spinners
3.  Right around 57 seconds, Dan Daru is trying to say the word "Spinning" (I think) but it sounds like "Spitting" because he's spitting all over the camera.  That's pretty darn gross, Dan.
4.  The guy at 1:07's face is kind of scary.
5.  All the slow-mo then fast-mo effects.
6.  The presenter giving a shout-out to her friend at the end.  I'm sure her friend was super-cool with having people who might have missed it otherwise, go back and check to see whether there was a good sweaty-butt-shot of her on the bike.  I know I would be.


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