Thursday, January 20, 2011

Channeling my Inner Amish Girl and Random Web Searches

Ahh, home...
I grew up in Amish Country, and even though I'm not Amish, it has shaped my views of how necessary modern conveniences are.  When our wall heater broke several years ago, my Southern California Surfer Dude husband freaked out.  Me, I was happy to burn stuff in the fireplace, wear extra sweaters, and cuddle on the couch with blankets.  Obviously it's preferable to have the heating work, and we got a new heater, and all was well with the world.  But, you know, for a week or so, it wasn't that bad.  I mean, the Amish do it, right?

So today I got to channel my inner Amish girl when our hot water heater broke.  Hubby is convinced he can install a new one, which we shall be purchasing at Home Depot tomorrow, but in the meantime, we are without hot running water.  Now notice the "hot" before the "running water."  We still have running water, just not hot running water.  Which, you know, is more than the Amish have.

I decided that I wanted to take a bath.  There's a limit to how much Amish I'm willing to take on, and I'm not hip with smelling, however faintly, of eau-de-Amos-Stoltzfus.  But I wasn't worried.  We have a gas stove.  And running water.  And big pots.  I mean, think about how people took baths a hundred years ago.  They had to heat water over fire.  That took a heck of a lot longer than what I had to do.  I simply filled up 2 stock pots, a tea kettle, and a sauce pan.  Ten times.  After approximately two and a half hours, I had a lovely tub full of hot water.  I added bubblebath, and voila, perfect relaxation time.

I washed the dishes in the same fashion, though not, obviously, in the bathtub.

Hubby was freaking out this morning, as men sometimes do, probably finding some logical relationship between the hot water heater breaking and his masculinity.  But I'm all right with being Amish for a few more days.

One more thing.  Sometimes I play Mad Libs with search engines and put in really random silly words and see what comes up.  So today, I searched in google images for the following:  Dog, Fart, Fast, Smell.  And this is what comes up first.  I swear to God.  I could not make this up.

To be fair to my Jonas honey's, I should say that it was on a website that also had the words, "how to stop your dog from farting."  But still.  It's pretty freaking funny, if you ask me.

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