Monday, January 17, 2011

I don't have much to report today - no big deep thoughts.  I'm kind of wiped out at the moment, actually.  But here are some things that happened today that made it a Good Day.

1.  As part of The Artists Way you're meant to do Morning Pages every day - three pages of handwritten stream-of-conscious musings, basically designed to let out all your crap every morning so you can start the day fresh.  I did mine this morning in the bubblebath.  I highly recommend writing in a bubblebath.  It's the only way to do it.

2.  The weather has been unseasonably warm, so we started cleaning the deck, something we do every spring.  We usually keep it clean through the summer, but then what happens is that the snow falls and catches us off guard, and things are a mess under there until April.  So we took advantage of the nice weather to get rid of all the pine needles, old paint cans, and assorted tools that were left out on the table after a project in mid-August, and now are too rusty to use.  It feels wonderful to have a nice open deck again, and it felt like springtime, working outside as the sun set, wearing short sleeves.

3.  We went to Glendale to a grief therapy session.  I don't think our therapist really gets my grief (she can't - she's never gone through it.  She can get it intellectually, but that's worlds different from getting it through experience) but it provided an impetus for good conversation between J and I all afternoon.

4.  We ate Japanese food for lunch, sitting outside in Glendale.  I saw someone semi-famous buying movie tickets. I can't place him, but J and I both agreed that he was "someone" we knew.  He looked kind of like Charlotte's ex-husband in Sex and the City - the doctor guy.  I wanted to ask him who he was, but that would have been kind of weird.

5.  I remembered to take back my Redbox movie (Dinner with Schmucks) before it was overdue.  Go me!

6.  I'm listening to Enya, which is always a good way to end the day.

7.  I started doing our tax return, and I think we're going to get enough back to both pay off my medical bills (it's such a farce that I have to pay to deliver a dead about things that suck) and go to England in the spring.  Woot!

8.  There is no 8.  I've run out of things.

It's bedtime and I'm going to turn into a pumpkin soon.  G'night world.  

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