Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Grief Blog post

I wrote another post in my Grief Blog over on Open Salon.  You can read it here, or, you might notice I've added a bunch of tabs up at the top for your navigational convenience.  This one was made an Editor's Pick, so I feel good knowing that Baby T is touching people, and that his life is continuing to have meaning.  I hope I'm making him proud.

In other news, I work in libraries, and CA libraries are really under fire right now.  Jerry Brown wants to eliminate ALL state funding for libraries, claiming they can be funded locally (remember when he used to be a liberal?).  Except for the fact that one of the big areas he wants to cut is used for matching funds for grants.  Plus, things like delivery, interlibrary loan, etc., aren't funded locally - they need to be funded by a central statewide location.

So I spent some time today learning how to use xtranormal to make a video explaining, in laymen's terms, what the TBR fund does.  It was posted on Calix, the CA listserv for libraries, so my boss thinks I'm "viral" now.  I'm a disease.  I'm going to make some more over the next few days.

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