Friday, March 18, 2011

Things that Piss Me Off

You know what would seriously piss me off?  If I was living in Japan, and eight days ago I was doing fine, living my life, shooting the shit, and then the next day, bam, I lose my house and all my possessions in an earthquake and tsunami, and then, let's say I look at a newspaper, and I see this headline:

Japan Raises Nuclear Crisis Warning Level Retroactively

But really, what are you supposed to do with that?  Retroactively stay inside?  Retroactively dust off your hair?  Retroactively do something?  

What a clusterf*ck.  There's nothing else to say about that.  

Ann Coulter just wrote a column saying that radiation is good for you.  Is she getting a little upset that Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman are suddenly gracing conservative pin-up posters, and she's feeling a little left out, so she has to up the crazy ante to get some attention?  

Found this online at a blog called The Final Thread, which is pretty conservative, but still funny

Two things:

First, I love how she says that this new science saying radiation is good for you gets no attention from the press, but then quotes articles in the New York Times...I guess that's not press.  But actually, maybe it's not, since she's usually so disparaging of the liberal-leaning New York Times.  Except when it serves her purposes.  Seriously, I can't follow the circular logic.  

Second, you know it's bad when Bill O'Reilly thinks you're a nutjob.

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