Sunday, March 6, 2011

I officially want to eat my words about an 8-week loss being a piece of cake.  The reason it seemed like that to me was because on Wednesday, when I posted, I hadn't passed everything through yet.  Thursday I go to the doctor, to my regularly-scheduled appointment, and it turns out there's big pieces of tissue that can't pass through, and I need a D&C quick-like.  So what I thought was a routine appointment - where we'd talk about what happened, and how we're going to wait to try again, and other interesting tidbits about my reproductive health, with a nice lunch at the Soup Plantation afterwards - turned into a day at the hospital with anesthesia, throwing up Jell-O, and surgery.  Not a fun time.

So I started getting into Serious Healing mode this weekend.  Here are some things I recommend doing when you're Trying To Heal.

1) Wake up first thing in the morning and rearrange the kitchen.  This may involve pushing heavy pieces of furniture around.  If you do that, be sure to put towels under the legs so that your husband doesn't yell at you for scratching up the floor.  Listen to NPR as you're doing this.  Even though it's fund-drive time, nothing's better than pushing around buffets while listening to Weekend Edition.  When your husband comes out and sees the giant mess that you've created, rubs his eyes and says he's going back to bed, let him.  He'll just get in the way anyway, what with his need to do things Right.  You can wake him when you've cleaned the mess up.

2)  Buy a New Toy.  Look, I'm not advocating pointless consumerism here.  But nothing helps you take your mind off crappy things like reading an instruction manual and playing with a new toy.  So if you can afford it, do it.  We bought the PlayStation Move attachment for the PS3.  It's a camera attachment and controller that turns your PS3 into something like a wii or kinect - it recognizes your motions.  The game that was included was a collection of sports, so we played table tennis, frisbee golf, gladiator duels, archery, and beach volleyball for a couple hours.  It was tons of fun, and I'm a huge fan.  Can't wait to see the fun developers have with this.  There's a new Elder Scrolls game coming out in November - it would be beyond awesome if it had some of this technology built in - the swords, bows, and hand-to-hand fighting could all totally utilize it.  There's a gun attachment so Black Ops could go nuts with it, too.  If that happens, J and I will need to get two tv's and PS3's, because neither one of us will want to give it up.

3)  Book a cruise.  Growing up in landlocked Pennsylvania, I always thought cruises were for people who were beyond wealthy.  Mostly, I guess, because you had to fly somewhere first before you could even get on the boat.  But LA is different.  There are boats that leave Long Beach and San Pedro every day.  And we're going to get on one of those boats in a couple of weeks.  They even offer a resident discount, which makes it about the same price as staying in a nice hotel, albeit a floating one where you get fresh sea-air every day, and lots of pools, and free food.  I'm totally stoked.

4)  Go to your Happy Place.  Mine is Target.  Even if I don't buy a thing, I'm called like a honing pigeon back to the red carts.  Target is like a spa for me.  It's quiet, it's peaceful, I can do good thinking there.  Or I can just be distracted by the pretty shiny jewelry, and the designer-knockoff bags, and I can daydream about springtime in the garden section.  Oh, Target, how I do love you.  I love that you have fresh food in most of your stores now.  I love that everything in your store is just so...hip.   I love all the good memories I have planning new apartments and new lives in your stores.

5)  Drink lots of water.  It's good for you.

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