Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Earthquakes

I've been listening to a lot of madrigals lately.  When I was a senior in high school, I got my first CD player for Christmas, and a $50 gift certificate to Coconuts, which was next door to Borders, where I worked.  I bought a bunch of classical Naxos CD's because I could get more with the gift certificate (not knowing that ten years later I would run a portion of their digital sales and skype with their President on a regular basis...weird).  The one disc that I spent the full $13 on (it was 1993/94.  Discs were like $12.99 then) was the Madrigal History Tour by the King's Singers.  A madrigal tour of Renaissance Europe.  Too many fa-la-la's to count.  I loved it!

I've been listening to that disc a lot lately - I've been trying to get all of my discs burned onto my computer so I can stick the physical CD's up in the attic, or even give them away (taking the simplicity movement to the next level) and I got hooked on it again.  

Tomkins' Too Much I once Lamented kind of sums up how I've felt this week.  Melancholy, but still hopeful for the future, in a morbid sort of way.  I know this song is about love, and giving up on the unrequited version thereof, but it's applicable any time you know you're miserable, but want to just hold on to it a little wee bit longer because it's become such a big part of you, and you don't know who you are without it..

I'm still doing pretty well, but having to give the pup back to a terrible owner, and worrying about her with all the snow we've had, has kind of thrown me a little bit.  One thing I've noticed is how easily I'm thrown in general.

Which brings me to the title of this blog post - the Tori Amos song, which I love.
"Oh, these little earthquakes, here we go again...oh these little earthquakes, doesn't take much to rip us into pieces..."

I would like to be someone for whom it takes more than a lost dog (no matter how great the dog) to rip into pieces.

I'm getting there, one step at a time, I guess.  I've made up a list of ten lovely things I'm going to do for myself tonight, none of which involve food.  Well, one involves wine, but just one glass, so that's ok.  And we'll spend the weekend cleaning up from all the storms, and then on Monday, we shall head to Long Beach to get on a boat, upon which I shall spend my time reading, napping, swimming, napping, reading, swimming, napping and maybe some more reading.

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Rebecca said...

Have a fantastic, restful trip! Safe travels.