Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lost Pups

I don't know how many local people in my mountains area read this blog, but I'm thinking at least a few, since I have my gig writing for the Rim of the World website.  So if you're local, this applies to you.  These two pups were running around our street yesterday, and when Jonathan called to them to get off the street, they trotted right up our steps and plopped themselves on our deck, and haven't left yet.  They're clearly cared for, but there are no phone numbers on either of their collars (grrrrr), so we can't call the owners.

We called the vets and humane society, posted on ROTW, and will post flyers at the post office and grocery store.  If you know these dogs, can you please email me?  They're scared and frightened - I'm guessing last night may have been one of the first times they slept outside because they were freaked out at everything.  And the black one is getting old and has a bit of a limp, and you can see cataracts developing already.  We put a bunch of blankets out, so they're comfy, and we bought food, so their bellies are full.  But I'm really not interested in becoming a dog owner right now, as sweet as they are, so I want to find their owners asap!

And people, please, if you have dogs, put your phone number on their collars!  Even if they're indoor - you just never know if there's an emergency (ie a fire or earthquake) and they get separated from you...well...not having a number on their collars pretty much guarantees you won't see them again unless people like us take them in.  And frankly, they barked so much last night (to which our neighbors can also attest) that I didn't get a lot of sleep, and was pretty tempted to just shoo them off the deck by 2am.  The only thing that quieted them is that Jonathan, channeling St. Francis, went and slept outside on the deck with them for three hours.  And I don't think he's going to want to do that again tonight.

So please, for the peace and quiet of the neighborhood, as well as the well-being of these girls, somebody please tell me that you know these pups and can get me the phone number of their owners!!!

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Rebecca said...

Just a thought (and you guys have probably already checked)- but are their ears tattooed and/or chipped?