Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where I've spent the past 7 hours...

Gate 407 at the Ontario airport. Hubby had a commitment in Orange County until about 11pm. A cab up the mountain would have cost about $75. I could have taken a cab to the Upland metrolink station and then taken metrolink to San Bernardino and then waited for 2 hours for the MARTA mountain bus service which would have dropped me a quarter mile from home, but it would have entailed a lot of waiting, and only got me home about 2 hours earlier, so I decided to hang out in the airport. I read Us Weekly in Carls Jr with a chocolate malt. I caught up on work emails. I watched Infomania online. I started a Meetup for exploring LA. I played on facebook. I've been making good use of the time. Life is juicy today!

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