Thursday, April 1, 2010

More stuff to keep up with

I've been playing around with Google Reader, finally. I haven't shared everything that I'm following yet, but I'll keep sharing stuff on my public shared page. I love the idea that Google Reader lets you subscribe to any website, whether they have an RSS feed or not. For example, I subscribed to the BBC History Magazine today, and it doesn't look like they have an RSS feed, but with a little bit of Google magic, I can keep up with what they're posting on their site without having to remember to go to their site all the time. Presto! Magic! I love it! EXCEPT...

...there are currently 385 unlistened-to podcasts sitting in itunes right now. About 120 emails. In a world where information is everywhere, it becomes very difficult to not feel pressured to keep up with everything. So I'm going to have to be very judicious about deleting stuff, and not getting down if I suddenly have 100 unread items, and simply deleting them.

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