Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The music I'm loving right now

Stile Antico is without a doubt my new favorite early music choral group. I've dabbled in lots of groups, too. I was an early music groupie. Seriously. I traveled around trailing a particular group of early music singers. I've been a fan of the Sixteen and the Tallis Scholars and Henry's Eight and all of 'em. But Stile Antico has set the bar high. Really high. I'm listening to Media Vita right now. Media Vita translates to "In the midst of Life we are in Death". It's a 25 minute meditation on mortality and redemption, as one reviewer on emusic said. I'm hooked.

You know what's beyond fathomable...that 100 years ago, if you wanted to listen to music like this, you had to go to evensong at Westminster Abbey. Or a really good church. And now I just download it off of emusic for 22 cents a download. Seriously, this is insane. Thousands of years of human history spent without music on demand. And I get itunes. My dad thought he was the shiznit with his 8 tracks. I have about 80g of music on a hard drive that I can take with me anywhere. It's almost criminal that I don't appreciate it more.

Speaking of which - gratitude journal time.
Today I am grateful for:
Snuggles with Lewis Hamilton (my cat, not the F1 driver. The F1 driver would be nice, though...)
A clean kitchen with more counter space now that we threw the microwave under the sink since we never used it.
My make-at-home iced mochas
That I'm finally getting over my da*n cold.
Music on Demand and kick*ss speakers with which to enjoy it (courtesy of that $5k gift card I won at Target 2 years ago).

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