Monday, April 5, 2010

ipads suck and horses in commercials

So the ipad went on sale over the weekend. Being a go-go-gadget girl, when I first heard about this beautiful tablet, I was certain that I'd buy one. I bookmarked the site. I ooohed and ahhhed. I dreamt of writing the Great American Novel sitting on a train, on my beautiful stylish tablet while listening to pandora.

Except you can't with the ipad. No multitasking. Seriously? For something that's supposed to be a replacement for a netbook, no multitasking? Yep, as far as gizmodo's list of 8 things that suck about the ipad goes, this is number one for me. Then I found the iphonedownloadblog's 16 reasons that the ipad sucks, (double your ipad-sucks-fun) and read about the lack of widgets, the battery life sucking, and the weight.

So yep, I'm not into it.

But what I am into is that funny Big Red verizon commercial (see above "double your fun" reference). You'll watch youtube on a horse? Man, that makes me laugh.

speaking of using horses in commercials, I love this Old Spice one. Seriously, this guy rocks. I could watch this over and over. How did they do that???

I'm tempted to find out how they did that in one take with the horse and all, but I kind of like the mystery, so I'm not going to find out.

So yeah, I'm liking horses in commercials, and not liking the ipad.

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