Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Stuff of the Day

I gave in to the rampant consumer in me and bought a Droid on Saturday. I'm having a ridiculously good time downloading and playing with apps. Somewhere in the back of my mind there's this niggling feeling that I need to do my podcast. But seriously. Augmented Reality!!! New and Shiny!!!!

While not downloading useless apps today, I got caught up with some web stuff I didn't get a chance to read last week.

Here is a random sample of my web history folder:

A New Yorker column on Uncommon Complaints about the ipad.

The Digital Edition of the Metro, the UK paper that they give away at all the underground stations. Look, I know it's a bit trashy, but I love the e-edition because it feels like I'm really there. Looking at the ads. Flipping through on my commute from Muswell Hill. And besides, the Guardian charges an arm and a leg for their digital edition. I now get my Guardian news from their android app...she says, ever so smugly.

The BBC History Magazine blogs page. Everything you ever wanted to know about the sex life of ancient greeks.

And finally, an interesting article from the London Times on the long-term implications of the icelandic volcano.

In between reading interesting stuff, we've still been redoing the living room. Hardwood floors are down and just need the baseboard. That will come later this week or next. The current job - painting. After the painting, we can get the furniture put back semi-properly. I'm sensing another trip to Ikea in my not-so-distant-future.

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