Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Happiness Project: Take Two

I spent the weekend on yet another cruise - you'd think it was a regular habit with how much I've been on the Carnival Paradise lately - but it was a random coincidence of my mom visiting, and us trying to think of something fun to do with the weekend, and concluding that a boat ride to Mexico would be a jolly way to spend the time.

The special treat for me (having lost 10 pounds) was a Spa Day on the ship.  I got some serious work done on my hair.  Jonathan isn't quite sure who I am at the moment.  I'm pretty much blond, for one thing.  And I have bangs (or "fringe" as they're apparently known in the UK).

But I came to a conclusion.  The conclusion I came to is that this whole Time Off To Heal project is only going to be successful if I actually make an effort to make it happen.  I can't just sit around staring at my naval and expect for the happiness to suddenly flood over me.  Like most things in life, I need to actually DO something about it.

So this is my plan.

First, one of the things that makes me really happy in life is doing new things.  I love, for example, being lost.  Whatever part of the brain is working when you're lost in a strange place, trying to navigate your way back to familiar territory just loves being tickled.  I got really lost in Ensenada on Saturday, and I loved it.  I loved getting to the corner of a street and not knowing which way to go, just puttering along listening to my music on my phone and taking in the smells and sights.  I stopped for tacos at a street stand.  I don't know much Spanish, but I knew enough to say, "dos tacos carne asada y diet coke."  And life was good.  I knew enough to finally ask for directions via playing charades, and made a group of men laugh at my shenanigans.  And life was good.  After I finally found my way back to the main tourist drag, and the ship, I was totally worn out (my pedometer said I had walked about eight miles) but I had good stories to tell at dinner that night, and I was happy.

When you're a kid, you get new stuff all the time.  But as you grow up and leave school, and settle into habits and everyday life, you stop being bombarded with newness as much.  And that makes me sad.

So, given the fact that the thing that makes me the most content and the most happy is discovering new things, I have decided to make it an Official Project, which I will blog about, and report on.

Here's how it will work.

Baby Teysko had been gestating for 21 weeks when we lost him.  So for the next 21 weeks, in his honor, I will do something new every week.  These things will range from simple (try a new recipe) to slightly-more-complicated (go to a new country).

The 21 week period will end on September 13.  It is my intention that by that time I will be in a much different place, both physically (having lost at least another 30 pounds, for a total of 40) and mentally (having, you know, experienced all this happy newness).  So I will be able to start working on getting pregnant again from a place of grace and peace, and not from a place of worry and freaking out.

I will be looking for suggestions of things to try, places to go, and Newness to discover, so if you have any, please send them.  I don't care how crazy or off the wall they might be.  Just keep in mind that I'm a little bit afraid of heights, so I won't be base jumping any time soon.

This is my new project, and I'm going to jump into it, and I will stick to it and not be sidetracked in my ADD. Every week, one new thing.  This is going to be fun!

This week, I'm going to actually go through the Rosetta Stone Italian lessons that I received through the Amazon Vine program a year ago, and never looked at beyond using them for 10 minutes to write a review.  I'm going to go through them for an hour a day, and see how it goes.  I might stick to it after this week and actually wind up learning Italian out of this project.  How fun!


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