Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting Fit Project Update

So it's a Tuesday, which means it's a Weigh-In Day.  I kind of fell off the wagon two weeks ago when I was on my second cruise with my mom.  Also, things had been going really well for the first few weeks, and now it appears to be slowing down a little bit.  I think that's normal - your body starts to get used to the new level of food you're giving it, etc.  But anyway, this is the 7th week that I've been on this Lifestyle Adjustment, and if I had been losing 2 pounds per week, I would be down 14 pounds now.  Which I didn't make this week.  But dammit, I'm close.  I'm down a total of 13.6 pounds.  So....half-yay?

I'm going to have a brainstorm to think how I can kick it in gear again.  I've been getting a little lazy with keeping my food journal and measuring food.  So I'm going to think about things I can do to jump-start the plan again, so I don't get into a rut.  I'm thinking about adding more exercise (I currently work out aerobically 4 days a week or so, and do situps and pushups almost every day - I could up it to 5 days and then 6) or getting rid of some more calories - I've been hovering around 1900 most days, and could drop another 100 out easily enough.

In terms of what 13.6 pounds looks like in real-life - I've lost 5.5 inches total from the four places I measure (hips, waist, thigh, bust) and can just about fit into my pre-pregnancy Gap jeans (I actually can fit them, if I don't care much about breathing).  A pair of trousers I bought on March 10 are loose on me now, which is funny because I almost bought the next size up because they were slightly tight when I bought them.

So, we're plugging along, but I need to figure out how to take it to the next level now.  This is where it gets tough - any sustained weight loss happens over the course of months, and it's hard to stay motivated to keep it all fresh and new during those months.  I bought a dress a size smaller than I normally wear, and have been trying it on every week, and can just about fit into it now.  That's pretty good motivation.  But I've got to figure out some other ways to keep it new.  So that's the Conundrum of the Week.  I'll let you know what I come up with.

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Rebecca said...

Keep up the great work! I've been toying with the idea of training for a 5K or something like that. I thought it might be the motivation I need to get up and running... once the midwest weather starts cooperating, that is.

(PS- I just learned the UK difference between "trousers" and "pants." Made my Scottish friend chuckle when I talked about my "pants ripping.")

Any chance you'll have a post on the Royal Wedding?
Take care!