Friday, November 5, 2010

the fun continues

I've been having back problems the past few weeks.  Since approximately October 12 at 11pm.  Which would, incidentally, be when I finished labor and delivery.  Are the two related?  Hmmmm.....  The past four days I've had two spasms, which have been less than fun.  Actually, they've been quite painful, despite the immediate swallowing of vicodin, which kind of makes me feel like Rush Limbaugh when I take it.  But that's a different story...

I went to the doctor today, and he realized right away that my Sacroiliac Joint (S-Joint for those of in the know) is out of whack and my muscles keep having spasms.  Sometimes the S Joint gets out of place during strenuous activity.  It usually goes right back into place, but can have a hard time getting back if it got really knocked around during something traumatic.  Like, say, oh, labor.

So the suckiness continues.  Here's what's sucky at the moment:
1.  I am not pregnant.
2.  I got to go through the pain of childbirth with no epidural and have no baby.
3.  I get to pay for the privilege.
4.  I get to have massive back spasms.
and finally
5.  I now get to be on muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medicine, and vicodin.

Life is just grand at the moment.

However, since the holidays are coming up, the drug stores have all their cheap makeup kits out to entice people to buy useless gifts.  But man, they are FUN to play with.  One of my favorite things is to get one of those huge kits that has eight million eye shadows and six million lip glosses, all of which are "specially formulated to work with all shades" and play with them all in front of the tv, ideally when watching something really really girly, like The Hills or Bridget Jones.  I secretly love playing with makeup.  I lay it all out around me, and then organize it by color and then try out different lipstick shades, and then try out new ways to do smoky eyes, and the whole thing is just too much fun for words.  Then I put it all back together.  The whole process can last anywhere between 30 minutes to three hours depending on how much time I have.

The point of all this is that I indulged in buying some cheap makeup at the drug store while I was getting my drugs/prescriptions and am hoping that they don't make me pass out before I get some good girly play time this evening.

And now, for the music of the day, the great gospel singer Mahalia Jackson singing one of my favorite hymns of all time, It is Well with My Soul.  Because really, it isn't well with my back.  And it isn't well with my uterus.  But it's pretty well with my soul, and for that, I'm grateful.  And now, I will have an evening of dopiness thanks to the drugs.

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