Thursday, November 18, 2010

And on a lighter note

Oh hooray, it's supposed to snow this weekend in my mountains!  And my best friends from London are coming for Thanksgiving, so we'll be snowed in together, painting and watching holiday movies, and sitting by the fire.  They were supposed to come see me with a big belly, but I guess that will have to be another trip.  Sigh...

But we will still have a good time, baking cookies and making our Thanksgiving Day dinner (and we all have a lot to be thankful for) and painting light-catchers that Anna Louisa bought for Baby T.  And I might get my nose pierced.  Woohooo!

Hubs and I discovered yesterday.  It's really quite mean, but they post videos of people failing epically.  Like this person who epically failed to get out of the way.

Other things I am enjoying these days include:
-Showers (I've always been a bath person, but I'm digging the time-saving factor with showers)
-My new espresso machine (I know I said this yesterday, but it really is worth two mentions)
-The tv show Community - Sadly, I've given up Glee because it's on Tuesday nights, and I have all the episodes since October 12 - my miscarriage - tivo'd and I can't bring myself to watch that october 12 episode because it makes me think about what I was going through at the same time, and I just can't bear it.  But Community is good.
-Redbox machines
-The ten minutes I spent playing with Wrigley today as she was chasing the reflection of my computer screen on the wall.  It was a good time, and I need to do that every day.

I'll be buying bread and milk and doing a snow dance tomorrow.

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