Thursday, November 4, 2010

Before I say anything else, let me preface the next few sentences by saying that of course I would rather be pregnant than have any of the following, but given that I'm not, it's nice to find solace where you can.  There are three good things I get to experience until I get pregnant again, and they are:

1.  I could dye my hair last night and cover up the four pesky gray strands that have made an appearance at the top of my head.  I was covering them up with headbands while I was pregnant, but now that I'm not, I can get rid of them.

2.  I can sleep on my belly again, which is lovely.  Of course, I was just getting used to being a side-sleeper, but still, I'll enjoy burying my face into my pillow while I can.

3.  Last night I slept like crap and had to get up early and leave the house at 6:45 for an early meeting.  Driving down our mountain blasting Flo Rida with the windows all down, I was wondering how I'd stay awake.  And then I passed Starbucks and remembered that I'm not pregnant anymore, so caffeine is allowed from time to time (I've heard it affects fertility, so I'm not going to start drinking triple-shot lattes regularly any time soon, but you know, when you need it, it's nice).

And now, for something upbeat, to go along with my upbeat mood, some Flo Rida and David Guetta.  I love it when I actually like pop songs.

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