Friday, January 2, 2009

Babies Babies Everywhere (and weird ex's)

Genesis, who works for a library that we work closely with, had her baby this morning at 2:44 am and was blogging about it by 8am. Man, that is some kinda dedication to blogging. She needs to win some kind of Blogger of the Year award.

We trapped a feral cat yesterday to take to get neutered, vaccinations, FIV testing, etc. It's our little part that we can do to clean up the feral cat mess up here. I get so angry at our neighbors, who have been here for 20 years, and somehow got the idea that because we feed these things, and provide a semi-warm spot for them under our deck, that they're ours. They say things like, "Oh, yes, we see your cats all the time. They are so cute" and I'm like, "have you noticed that these cats were here for much longer than we've been here?" I mean, the complete obliviousness. How can you just let cats multiply and die right under your deck and not know about it? I get so mad. So before Spring (and mating and kitties) arrives we're going to trap the main ones that show up all the time, and get them fixed. It also might get them to stop fighting.

So yesterday Fluffy Cat got trapped, and the poor thing was just so frightened. We brought him in and let him stay in the bathroom overnight, but we didn't take him out of the trap (it was big enough for him to move around in, and we put down blankets, food and water) because he never would have gone back in if we'd let him go. Plus our bathroom would have been destroyed. J took him this morning, and fortunately his FIV came back negative (thank goodness). The next cat to get it is Mama Cat (who is really a boy, but who we used to think was the mama of everyone). Mama Cat needs to go in soon because he is really hurt. He can't walk on his left front paw. He disappeared for a week and we thought he had become a victim of the cold, but then he showed up yesterday with his awful paw, and he's been sleeping on the blankets covering our woodpile. Every time I go out to give him food, though, he hobbles away, and really doesn't trust us. It breaks my heart. We need to trap him and get him taken care of - hopefully that will come next week.


And it's officially Time to Leave Facebook. My husband's crazy ex-girlfriend sent me a friend request. What the? She's all, "Long time no see! I hope you two are doing really well." And I'm like, "yeah, that's it, I'm leaving Facebook...." Too many weird people around. Am I being really anal, or is it weird to send your ex boyfriend's wife a friend request on facebook? Especially when you haven't seen or talked to said ex boyfriend in like three years? This is why I couldn't be gay. Too many crazy chicks out there.

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