Monday, December 29, 2008

Duffy and new music and getting back to me

J and I had a nice talk yesterday during Date Day about how I get lazy now that I'm married because I just want to cozy up and watch tv with him and I have lost all my goals and ambitions. He was very understanding, and said that he didn't like to see me get lazy either, and so he would help encourage me to not be lazy (which is funny because he's so not ambitious himself, but very much wants to support me). So today is my early new year's resolution of Not Being Lazy.

To that end I am doing some new things.
1. Listening to new music that I have been meaning to listen to but didn't because I've been lazy - today it's duffy - I LOVE her mix of beatles and norah jones.
2. working out five times a week to get more energy
3. cutting back on sugar, also for energy
4. drinking more water, also for energy
5. going to one museum a month
6. finding a church for spirituality and friends
7. finding a choir or starting one
8. reading at least one "smart" book a month (ie not chicklit or stupid fiction)
9. journaling and meditating daily
10. playing the piano a few times a week.

those are my new year's resolutions to get me back to me.

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