Friday, July 11, 2014

The Week in Books: The House at Sea's End

One of the things I love about the Oyster eBook subscription service ($9.99/month, unlimited reading of all their books, like Spotify for eBooks - if you want an invitation, email me and I'll send you one that will give you some free time) is how I find new authors thanks to their recommendations.  Elly Griffiths is one of those newly-discovered-thanks-to-Oyster authors.

To be completely honest, I chose this book because of its cover.  The color is my favorite shade of blue.  I thought the font was cute.  I had no idea it was a mystery until I started reading it, and thought, "hmm, this seems like a mystery."  Now I'm in love with Elly Griffiths, and am going to read all her books.

So, Ruth Galloway is an archaeologist in the UK, and she is on secondment with the police force part time, so she's part time at the university and part time with the police.  She helps solve mysteries based on archaeological evidence.  This one started off when four bodies were found in a part of the cliffs that was becoming exposed thanks to erosion.  The guess was that they were German, and were shot and killed during WWII when a German invasion by the sea was a true fear.

Then contemporary people start dying.  At first it's old people whom the police want to question about the bodies because they might have memories of what happened during the war in the little town.  Those deaths don't seem very suspicious.  But then other people start dying, too.  Suddenly there are dead people all around, and Ruth is trying to solve what happened 70 years ago, and seems to be being covered up today.

I'm only recently getting into mysteries; within the past three years or so, since discovering Rhys Bowen, and this series will be a new favorite, I'm sure.  I'm waiting to start the next one in the series until I know I'll have some big chunks of time, because I'm not going to want to stop reading once I get started.

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