Monday, July 7, 2014

Project Fitness Update

It's Monday, which means that I'm doing an update on my fitness project.  My immediate goal, started 2 weeks ago, when I reinstalled the LoseIt app, was to lose 20 pounds, which would put me just below where I was when I got pregnant.  So now, two weeks in, I've lost 2 pounds, but I count that as a victory since last weekend I was in Vegas eating Convention Center food.  So this past week I lost a pound and a half, which makes me happy.

Hannah and I have been doing Mommy Daughter swim classes, which burns a lot of calories.  Something like 400 in the 45 minute session.  That's pretty awesome.

Plus, since Hannah has been acting like General Fusster lately (it's teething issues) we also go for a hike in the afternoons.  So we get swimming in the morning, and hiking in the evenings.  A pretty good combination.  And she is now officially super-mobile, which means that I do a lot of chasing.  A lot. Of chasing.  The two hours from when we get home from our walk to bedtime, which includes supper, bath, getting dressed for bed, last bottle, story, and bed are, without a doubt, the most exhausting 2 hours of my day.  

So I'm getting a ton of exercise lately.  Bummer for me I also like to eat a lot, but the LoseIt app is making me much more mindful of it.  We've pretty much stopped buying bread at the grocery store (a waste of calories).  And tonight J made a tofu dish that normally goes over jasmine rice; I managed to forego the rice all together.  Yay me.

I haven't given up sweets completely though.  Not yet.  I eat three peanut-butter covered malted milk balls a day.  At lunch.  I have limits, and cutting out chocolate completely goes past my limits.