Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Sacrifices I make for Fertility

So we're back on the TTC train again (hard work, but somebody's gotta do it) and I've been reading up on natural/alternative sorts of things you can take to help fertility.  Vitamin B6 can apparently work wonders for a short luteal phase (the second part of your cycle, after you ovulate.  It should be about 14 days.  Mine has been hovering around 10. Not short enough to warrant medicine yet, but still a little short for what I'd like) and raspberry leaf tea has been recommended by midwives for centuries to make your uterus strong.  It has to be raspberry leaf tea, though, not just normal Celestial Seasonings raspberry tea from the tea aisle at Ralphs.  Nope, it's special. It demands a trip to Whole Foods.

Have you ever looked at the people in Whole Foods?  Maybe it's just Southern California, but there seems to be some type of looks/athletic requirement that people need to meet before they are allowed to shop at Whole Foods.  I swear, it has the highest concentrated amount of gorgeous people on this side of the Atlantic.  Only grocery stores in Sweden have a higher concentration. 

So I have a bunch of boxes of tea in my basket because I don't go to Whole Foods all that often, and I want to have enough to last me for a while.  I'm checking out, and the gorgeous male specimen in front of me casually checks out my basket of stuff as I'm emptying it on the cart, as people tend to do at grocery stores.  It's a natural human condition to be curious about what kinds of chocolate other people are buying. 

I feel very adult that I didn't run and hide when I realized that this Adonis took one look at the contents of my basket - frozen organic soft pretzels stuffed with cheese...nomnomnomnom, oranges, shower gel, some flowers, and...wait for it...not just one, but several boxes of tea labeled "Female Toner Tea...for a strong uterus!" - made a curious "hurg" noise, and turned back around, concentrating intently on his own arugala - and I didn't run and hide from embarrassment. 

I just held my head up high and thought, "yep, I'm getting myself a strong uterus."  Hey, somebody's gotta buy the stuff, right?  Or else they wouldn't sell it, right?  Just, maybe not cases of it at once, but that's neither here nor there...right?

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