Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Animals that look like Mark Hoppus

We all know I have a shameless crush on Mark Hoppus, right?  Though I have to say, it's completely platonic.  I really just want for J and I to be bff's with him and his wife.  We'd hang out in London together, eating noodles at Wagamama's, and I'd walk them all over the city; and Mark and J would make each other laugh by being crude and calling each other poopstain (which is, incidentally, the pet name that my darling husband has started calling me - we know how to keep the magic alive), and I'd talk about yoga or raw food or pilates or something equally cool with his wife.  Oh, the fun we'd have.  And I'm actually like two degrees of separation from him.  J recorded an album in the same studio where Blink recorded their first album.  A friend of J's, Dave, has a friend who ran over Mark Hoppus's foot with his car in like 1996.  Or something.  I forget exactly.  And Tom, also of Blink-182, listened to J's band play one night (though there were a bunch of bands at the club, so it wasn't like he was just there to see Hectic Effort).

Then yesterday a friend forwarded this collection of Otters that Look like Benedict Cumberbatch (the totally hot - in a non-platonic way - actor who plays Sherlock in the updated version).

And I thought, hey, why don't I make a blog with animals that look like Mark Hoppus, thus combining some of my favorite things (animals, blogs, and Mark Hoppus).

Exhibit A.  The Hair.

Exhibit B.  The Occasional Angelic Look.

Exhibit C.  Both Mark Hoppus and dogs look cool and tough in sunglasses.

Exhibit D.  Mark Hoppus and Pigs both slobber when they sleep.

And finally, Exhibit E.  An obligatory otter picture.

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