Monday, August 1, 2011

The feral cats outside

Last weekend the Outdoor Kitty brought us a mouse.

I was kind of grossed out, but he was so proud that it was hard to stay mad for long.

I think this was his way of adopting us formally, and now he's become a fixture on our deck.  We're planning on making a really awesome outdoor shed/cage for some of our cats who are having bathroom issues this month and we will probably add this little guy to the mix.  I mean, if a kitten brings you a mouse, who are you to turn down that kind of love?

Tonight one of the feral cats is in a cage in our bathtub.  He is going to get fixed and vaccinated tomorrow, and will probably spend the night in there again tomorrow, and then will get released back into the wild on Wednesday.  Maybe he'll fight less with less testosterone.  The last time we captured a cat and then released him, he hardly came back at all afterwards; I think he was afraid that it was going to happen to him again.  So who knows how much we'll see of him in the future, but I'll rest easy knowing that the likelihood of little kittens being brought into the world is lower with one less testosteroned cat roaming the streets.

I don't have much to say otherwise.  I went up to the Bay Area today for three hours.  Enough time for a meeting, a stop at Yumi Yogurt in San Mateo, and lunch at Subway.  Then back on a plane and home again.  I woke up at 4:45 and I'm tired.  But I did spend the hour long flight home doing the crossword, which made me feel proud that I exercised my brain.  Then I managed to walk around the lake, which made me proud that I exercised my body.  And now I'm going to go to bed and dream about cats.

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