Monday, March 22, 2010

Perfect London Day

Samuel Johnson said that when you tire of London, you tire of life. And I agree. I had a completely perfect London day today - did just about everything I'd want to do if I only had one day here.

The morning started out perfectly - sunlight streaming through the windows, and the sounds of Sandor puttering around in the kitchen, and then when he left, a bath and ClassicFM. A side note - I love listening to ClassicFM at home online, but it's annoying with the time difference - in the morning when I want perky and peppy music, they're doing the stress-free-evening-commute music. Nice to have it at the right time of day.

Then some time spent wandering around Covent Garden, exploring alleyways, and eating at nando's chicken. Which is ridiculously hip, but not so much so that I was afraid of it. Then we moseyed back to the National Gallery and took in some art. Original Da Vinci's, Titian, etc. But first, a visit to the crypt of St. Martin's in the Field, because J was so weirded out about a restaurant in a crypt.

We played around in Soho, shopping - J bought trendy shoes and a camera, I bought a new cell phone from Orange and some products from Boots - I always load up on Boots products to take home - it makes me feel exotic to use products from England. We walked up and down Oxford Street, and up to Bedford Square for a peaceful walk. Then I got asked for directions by some tourists. They wanted to go to the British Museum, and it reminded me that the British Museum is really quite nice, so we went and checked out some ancient sculptures.

Then a bus back to Oxford Circus where we met up with my ex-violin-teacher Mark, and got dinner at Wagamama's. I also love Wagamama's. I'm so predictable. For the past ten years I've been going to Wagamamas and getting the number 43. I really should expand my horizons, but I haven't yet. Sandor arrived in Soho and we met up where he was eating dinner with the lovely Anna-Louisa, who is one of my new favorite people. Fortified with hot chocolate, we headed to the arcade to play Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero.

So my day had everything a perfect day in London should have. Good friends, good food, culture, history, good walks, shopping, waiting for busses, and the random rain shower.

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