Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Tuesday we went to Bath, which is famous for two things: 1) Jane Austen spent a lot of time there, and 2) the Roman baths. It rained, so we didn't do much but try to stay dry. We did, however, seek sanctuary in the Abbey. And I loved the train trip. I love everything about train trips in the UK. I love getting to the station early and getting lunch from Upper Crust. I love getting magazines at WH Smith. I love getting a treat at Boots. The whole thing is just too wonderful for words.

Above is the vaulted ceiling with flying buttresses and everything like that in the Abbey. Below is the organ, which is just spectacular. I like smaller abbey's like this one - Westminster is just too crowded and you can't get a good look around at everything, and it's also expensive. I'm happy puttering around Bath Abbey for a few hours instead.

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