Monday, June 30, 2014

Project Fitness Update

So I lost half a pound last week.  That's not the best week ever, but considering I was in Las Vegas for the weekend (convention center food...sbarro pizza....nomnomnom) I'll take it.  The biggest thing I've been doing lately is using the LoseIt app, which has, if nothing else, made me so much more mindful of what I'm eating.  Even if I forget to log something ( happens) I'm much more mindful in general of what I'm eating.

I last used LoseIt about 2 years ago, and notice a number of changes.  First, one of the main thing I loved about it then was the ability to use the camera on your phone to scan the barcode of your food, and have it be recognized.  They seem to have built up their database a lot more since then, and every food from Trader Joe's that I've scanned so far has been in the database.  The one annoying thing is that I can't tweak it.  I don't eat the salad dressing in premade salads, and so when I scan the barcode for the Trader Joe's Super Spinach/Quinoa salad, it automatically adds in the salad dressing, which is like 200 calories and 30g of fat.  I wish there was a way to have the option to leave the dressing off, rather than adjusting the serving size.

Second, the communities are huge now.  There are tons of online groups you can join.  I'm in the 11-50 pounds to go group, which is a great source of inspiration.  There's also a post-pregnancy group, and literally dozens of others.

If you upgrade the app to the paid version you can have it set to sync with fitbit, or other fitness devices you might have.  You can also use it to plan your meals and exercise.  I haven't done that yet; the free version is working well enough for me now.

In other news, we started Mommy and Me swim classes today, and Hannah only cried for like half of it.  #winning.  We go every morning for two weeks.  She's the only baby in the class of five kids (with 2 instructors); the others are toddlers who know how to kick and stuff.  So we mostly just paddled around the pool, and she started getting comfortable in the water.


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