Sunday, May 18, 2014

Project Weight Loss Update

I'm having a wonderful peaceful girly weekend, with Jonathan away whitewater rafting.  It's much needed after a hellish week involving losing my internet for three days thanks to an accounting error on Verizon's part when something wasn't bundled that should have been.  Since I work from home, that meant I was hanging out at coffee shops and libraries trying to get work done.  Not much fun.  Plus Hannah was seriously teething, which made our nights pretty painful.  And my mom was still here, which, as helpful as she was, still means there's more noise in the house than what's normal or comfortable for me.

So now I'm sitting here with the breeze coming through the open window and a sleeping Hannah.  Blissful.

I wanted to post an update on my Fitness Project.  It's gone into overdrive as I've cut way back on carbs, and am pretty much cutting processed carbs out of my diet.  A bit painful at first, but I'm getting used to it, and losing the carb-bloat has been a great inspiration.  I'm down about 4 pounds so far.  

It's so interesting to keep noticing how much emotion I have wrapped up in food.  For example, this weekend.  I know I'm trying to cut way back on carbs.  But at the same time, I'm having a Girl Weekend with Baby H.  Girl Weekend = Croissants.  At least it does in my world.  Not in yours?  Well that's a shame.  In my world Girl Weekends equate croissants, gelato, pizza and soda.  What all of that has to do with spending girl time with my daughter I'm not sure, but it's there, and it's real.  There are croissants on my counter now testifying to it.  I should add, the pack is unopen and they are uneaten.  My willpower astounds me sometimes.

Speaking of willpower, I need to claim a Small Victory today.  I went to Costco with Baby H to get her diapers and some 12 month clothes (their Carter's layettes are so cute and so inexpensive - I'm a huge fan).  I really wanted a diet coke when I was done, AND it was noon, and I was hungry.  There was a huge queue in the food line at Costco, of course, because it was, after all, a Sunday at noon, which is, as everyone knows, the worst time to go to Costco if you expect to get out in less than an hour.  So I skipped the line and decided I'd stop somewhere on the way home.  

So can I say, I went through the drive through at Carl's Junior and I got just a diet coke.  No milkshake.  No fish sandwich.  No fries.  Just one medium diet coke, $2.08, thank you.

I had to give myself a pep talk driving up.  I played Eye of the Tiger on Spotify.  Hey, whatever works, right?

That's the fitness project update.  I'm getting more willpower.  I'm moving away from carbs.  I'm embracing diet chocolate pudding.  I'm down 4 pounds.  I have 13 to go until I get back to where I was pre-pregnancy.  After that, there's another battle to plan for, but I'm trying to do one at a time.

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