Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I think living in the Southern Hemisphere would mess with my head too much

Perfect May Weather - in NZ
We're experiencing Old Man Winter putting up one final fight before Spring kicks in for real, up here in our mountains.  There are dark clouds outside, rain, and intermittent hail, along with crazy fog.  I love it.  I'm snuggled in the house working from home.  My mom is still staying up in the home office, so J has moved a desk into the nursery for me (we still don't use it much since Baby H spends most of her time out in the living room, or in her crib in our bedroom).

One of the things I was tripping out about on our trip to NZ was how it must be odd to have a calendar dominated by Northern hemisphere dates when it's opposite for you.  Not just the idea that it's warm at Christmas.  Before we lived in the mountains I had plenty of warm LA Christmases.  But the idea that so many holidays were based around the seasons, and must be backwards for people living in the Southern hemisphere.

Sunday is still Mothers' Day in NZ.  But it's the middle of Autumn there; the equivalent of November.  And they just had Easter.  Part of the reason why the dates of Easter and Christmas fall when they do was to coincide with pagan holidays (ie the Roman holiday of Saturnalia).  I think it would be really weird to have Easter, a holiday about Resurrection, rebirth, renewal, springtime, bunnies, etc., happen in the middle of October.

There's hail and thunderstorms going on, and I drink hot chocolate and put on Christmas music.  It would be really weird to associate Christmas music with summer, ie, it's a really hot day, I think I'll put on some carols.

I used to always say that Halloween and Thanksgiving were my favorite holidays because they were in the fall - if Valentine's Day was in October, I'd love it as much as Halloween.  But I'm not so sure now, having just experienced autumn with signs for Mother's Day sales and left over Easter candy on clearance at the grocery store.  That was just weird, and I can't wrap my head around it.

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