Thursday, February 20, 2014

A night in the life... (aka Analyze This, Freud)

Last night was a weird night of sleeping.  Well, every night is pretty much a weird night of sleeping these days, but last night really topped the list of Weirdest Sleeping Experiences Since Having A Child.

Hannah went to sleep around 10.  Woke up at 12:45 and 4.  I took the 12:45am feed, Jonathan took the 4.  He turned the heater on high, which made me quite warm, so even though I wasn't feeding Hannah, I woke up and was all hot.  Then, since he always winds up staying awake for a little while after each feeding, he looked at his computer, and the glow kept me awake.  Also, I had my alarm set for 6:45 because I had a 10:30am meeting in Carlsbad, and needed to leave the house around 8.


10pm: down.  This first stint of sleep was uneventful (which is good in my book).
12:45am: up.  Feed Hannah.
Try to go back down.
Have the following Weird Dreams:
- My choir was singing in a viking ship that kept moving around and we were all getting jostled and falling overboard.
- Jonathan became an actor and got a part in a movie filming in NYC and we lived there.  For some reason, our mugs and teas were already in the apartment when we moved in.  He decided the movie wasn't actually good, so he quit, and some big burly man came to move us out.
- In that same dream, my mom was the star of the movie, and I didn't even know she acted until I saw her on the plane.

4am: Hannah up.
I feign sleeping so Jonathan gets her first (a sneaky trick I use sometimes)
Heater starts blasting.  I kick off covers.
4:15 Hannah back down.
Jonathan opens computer.  Glow permeates my eyelids.
Heater still blasting.
I kick off socks.
Glow still glowing.
5am: I get up all stroppily and half asleep and insist that the heater goes off, and turn it off.
Back to bed.
Have the following dreams:
- I was at a pool party with Matt Damon and Tom Cruise, who were romantically involved.  With each other.
- Hannah suddenly had a mouth full of teeth and wanted to eat pad thai.
- A volcano started erupting outside my house, but for some reason I was really chill about it, and built a moat to keep the lava from coming into our living room.
- Back at the Gay Tom Cruise and Matt Damon pool party I started sliding down the sliding board and suddenly the pool was filled with cupcakes, which became very messy.

5:45: reset alarm for 7:15 so I get an extra half an hour of sleep.  I don't need a shower, I figure.  I can stink.  Special allowances for stinking should be made for people with infants and small children.

6:15: Jonathan wakes me, worried that I've overslept.  I have a brief moment of panic while checking the clock.  This seriously pisses me off at the time, but I know he was just looking out for me (still a little bitter).

6:45: Hannah starts talking, so I wake up.  Decide to take a bath.  Start to fill the tub up, but for some reason I don't turn it all the way to hot, so lukewarm water is going in.  Go out to make coffee, unaware of this.  Go back to turn off water, and tub is not hot.  Let out a little bit of water (and feel guilty because we are in a drought) and put more hot in, but the hot is running out, so my bath is destined to be chilly.  This reminds me of the flats I lived in in England where you had to remember to turn the hot water heaters on in time for the water to heat up before your bath, and I was always forgetting and taking cold baths.

Go back out to the kitchen to get coffee.  Spill it on the way back to the bathroom.  Of course.

I'm seriously surprised I made it to my meeting in time with the way my morning started out.  On the way I stopped at Starbucks for more coffee and realized my shirt was on inside out.  But at least I realized it before I had to be "on."

On the upside, since my meeting was in Carlsbad, 4 miles from the beach, I had a lovely lunchtime walk in bare feet along the shore before heading back home.  And for what it's worth, I highly recommend the beach in Carlsbad for taking walks.  And there's still sand in my shoes, which is a Dido song, and is more proof that everything in my life always seems to come back to Dido.

And now it's 8:15, and I'm going to try to have a less eventful night of sleep tonight.

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