Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Well that was nice...

I got an unexpected treat yesterday when I walked into my office.  Some anonymous nice person sent me a bracelet from The Fertile Garden on Etsy.  There was no name; just an unsigned card.  What a lovely surprise.  

In case you hadn't noticed, I've been a bit depressed lately
.  Plus, I'm on Letrozole now.  It's actually a medicine that's used to treat breast cancer, but it helps with fertility because it lowers your estrogen level, and makes your body think you're going into menopause, so you release a bunch of eggs all at once in some last-ditch effort to procreate while you still can.  The downside?  I have a bunch of menopause symptoms.  I'm a cranky mess, and I cry at every tiny thing.  

The upside?  I could get away with just about anything and blame it on the meds.  Sadly, J has been in Amsterdam for a week, and hasn't been here for me to milk the situation with the way I'd like.  Lucky for him.  Not so lucky for me.

(Have I mentioned that I'm seriously over this whole being infertile thing?)

Anyway, whoever sent me this, thank you.  It made me smile.  I will wear it and feel a warm anonymous hug.