Saturday, November 3, 2012

The 80's really were that bad: or Fun with Google Images

You know what's great?  Remembering the really bad hair that people had in the 80's.  How were these guys considered hot and/or sexy?

Air Supply:  "I'm all out of scissors, I'm so lost without them..."

Hall & Oates:  "oooh here it comes, watch out girls it's my my badass mustache..." 

Def Leppard:  "Pour some hair gel on me..."

REO Speedwagon: "I'm getting more split ends then I ever thought I would... but
I can't fight the home perms anymore..."  

It's not just a thing of always looking back on the past and thinking things looked silly.  The whole big hair fad of the 80's was just terrible.  Heartthrobs and singers in other eras were still hot.  Exhibit A:

David Cassidy: dreamy vacant expression, hair that's long, but not too big...
oh, I think I love you, David Cassidy...

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