Friday, July 1, 2011

Back to Nature

Hey Kids!  I'm getting ready for a big old-fashioned Camping Trip.  I'm going to be like the girls in The Parent Trap and make nice with the bears, and be Nature Girl for the weekend.

Here's the backstory:

For our wedding, J and I weren't really sure what all to put on our registry.  We already lived together (don't tell my parents), and we didn't need a lot of stuff.  So we put fun things on like Guitar Hero, for example (we actually spent almost our entire wedding night playing guitar hero, eating Thai food, and taking naps, which was super-fun) and Camping Gear.  So for the past almost-five years we have been the proud owners of a huge 8 person tent, a camping stove (with two burners!), a propane lantern, some nifty pots and pans, a queen sized air mattress, and sleeping bags.  

We haven't gone anywhere with all this stuff yet, though.  We did set up the tent twice - once in our old apartment, and once two years ago on our deck.  But the stove and lantern remained unopened, and waiting patiently for the time when we would take them out and use them.

Since this summer we're all about getting out into our gorgeous state, we decided that this weekend would be a camping weekend.  So this afternoon I'm stopping for good camping food, and then tomorrow we're going to head out to sleep under the stars.  If we like it, next week we'll reserve more spots at other campgrounds around CA for the rest of the summer.  If we hate it, we'll stick the gear on Craigslist.

I'll post pictures, but in the meantime, happy long weekend everyone.  Stay bug-free.

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