Friday, May 20, 2011

In Which I Get Political

In case you don't live in California, the economic malaise we're in has hit libraries disproportionately, with some losing up to 75% of their funding in the past few years.  Given the fact that many more people are using the library than ever (in over 70% of towns the library is the only place where you can get free internet, for example), this is a bad thing.

So I hightailed it up to Sacramento on Wednesday for the California Library Association's Legislative Day, where I met with my Assemblyman and Senator to talk about how important libraries are.  There were two highlights of the day.  First, I found out that the State Capitol has a decent cafeteria in the basement with a good salad bar.  Second, we had a read-in on the east lawn.  I've never been to a read-in before.  It was kind of like a sit-in, only with quiet librarians who didn't make any demands, and read a lot.  It was kind of like the quiet-non-confrontational-person's sit-in.

Oh, and the third highlight is that the Sacramento airport has a massage-bar, and for $30 I got a half-hour massage from a giant Russian man who beat me up, and I loved it.

Man, I made a political difference AND got my shoulders to relax all in the same day.  Leg Day rocks.

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