Sunday, July 4, 2010

Disappearing Act

If anyone is wondering why I pulled a disappearing act and haven't blogged in nearly a month, two things have conspired to make life unbloggable at the moment.

1. The World Cup, which is winding down, but has had me completely obsessed over the past month.
And of greater import, though some German fans might argue that...
2. I'm 7 weeks preggo, and there's really nothing I can say at the moment that doesn't involve pregnancy, hormones, morning sickness, exhaustion, worry, and anything I'm reading about in What to Expect when you're Expecting.

I found out almost two weeks ago. Saturday three weeks ago hubs and I had a lovely day out - we went to this pub in Woodland Hills to watch the USA/England match, and then went to the Getty to see some Leonardo Da Vinci sketches. On the way home, I fell asleep in the car, which I thought was kind of weird since I'm not really a napper and didn't think I was that tired. Three days later, I'm talking to the doctor about pre-op labs for my ankle surgery, and I'm thinking "man, wouldn't if be funny if I was pregnant right now? Considering how long we've been trying, right when I'm about to get my ankle fixed?" And Bam, just like that, I have an hcg level of 128. And now I know what that means, too.

So no ankle surgery for me this year. But something much harder and more all-consuming around mid-February.... here we go - this is going to be some ride....

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