Thursday, June 3, 2010

Food Stuff

In an effort to keep up with my new year's resolution (since the year is half over - ahem, see previous entry), I am going to be posting my daily food and exercise intake here on my blog. So here's the what's so for today.

Breakfast - 7:30am
homemade breakfast sandwich - 3 egg whites, slice of cheese on an english muffin
Activia yogurt
homemade iced mocha using skim milk.

Snack - 11am -
somebody brought chocolate covered toffee stuff into the office - I had one piece.

Lunch - 12:30pm -
pb sandwich
coleslaw left over from Memorial Day
container of raspberries
crackers that I nibbled on for the rest of the afternoon
5 hershey kisses

while driving back from the office - 4pm - a handful of chips, and a diet cherry coke from sonic half-price happy hour.

Dinner - 7pm
brown rice
catfish - baked, with a bit of butter, and seasonings
caesar salad with light dressing
fudgy pop

Drank plenty of water and took my vitamins.
Didn't work out though.

Check-in: done

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