Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sometimes you just need to hide behind the refrigerator

So things have been pretty crazy for us the last few weeks. My leadership program at Landmark is wrapping up, and there are still some things that I need to do to complete it in the next three weeks. J and I have both been running around like headless chickens, which hasn't made for lots of bonding. On Friday everything came bubbling over in a giant volcano explosion of sadness, loneliness, and miscommunications. After the explosion, we cleaned up the rubble and started putting everything back together, and things calmed down.

But then, Friday night, something happened with the cats. I still don't know what started it, or even what the exact circumstances were, but the cats went crazy. Somebody's foot got stuck in a bag or something, and it was just complete madness for about two minutes. We went back to sleep, but then the next day we realized that one of the cats had been stuck behind the refrigerator all night. Today we realized another one hadn't been around in a while, and he turned out to be hiding behind the bathtub. He came out for a little bit, but decided to go back to the safety of the back of the tub. I understood. Sometimes we just need a time out.

I'm going to take my own time out this weekend. I'm on a work trip right now, which I have to get through - one day at a time - but this weekend is going to be a complete Girly Weekend. Me and the cats are going to rebond. I'm going to read all the library books that I've kept out late, and are now overdue (but I won't return them without reading them first, otherwise what is the point of the fines?). We're going to paint our toenails (well, I am anyway) and watch girl-movies and eat a lot of popcorn. And we'll sleep. We'll all pile on the bed, me and the cats, and we will sleep for hours. It will be sublime.

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