Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Tuesday and I'm having a good, productive day. I need to start every morning with yoga. Seriously. 15 minutes of calm breathing and stretching and meditating has such an awesome effect on my day. Note to self: start every day with yoga.

Fun Event for the Day: got to see my old neighbor from downtown LA. Last week we had a really bad lightening strike, and our modem got fried. Which sucked. It was even plugged into a surge protector. From now on, at the first sign of lightening, I'm turning off the power of everything. Anyway, Verizon sent us a new modem, but we hadn't updated our address since buying our house 2 years ago. So the modem went to the old place on Marview. Nate and Lucia were kind enough to grab it and let us know, and I got to go to Caltech to meet up with Nate this afternoon and get said modem. I've never been on the caltech campus before. Standing outside the department of astrophysics, I was a little intimidated. The brain power in that building is pretty awesome.

The Downside - I got stuck in killer traffic on the 210 from Pasadena at 5pm. That sucked. But I had just downloaded a bunch of Lady Gaga songs, so I pretended the car was a club, and I rocked out. Then I called J and gave him precise instructions on how to make the tilapia, salad, and my brown rice (white for him - he's too skinny to care about carbs) so I came home to a healthy yummy dinner. I need to place orders for dinner more often.

I'm pretty tired and wanted to just take a bath and go to bed, but I forced myself to do the elliptical, and now I'm working on my book for half an hour. THEN bath and Anne Lamott.

Ahhh...I love good productive days like this. Must remember to start tomorrow with yoga too.

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